Buffalo Loves Cotton Adobe Class Project

The Buffalo Loves Cotton Adobe class project is a small part of a [Buffalo State College] Fashion Textile Technology program wide Cotton INC project that program faculty and fashion students are participating in for spring 2011 and fall 2011 semesters. In fall 2010 we have initiated in a “soft start” of the interconnected fashion student project by assigning Buffalo Loves Cotton fashion product design development projects to students in Elaine Polvinen’s Adobe Print Design for Industry and students in the Adobe FashionCAD class.

Fashion students in both classes were presented with a master concept board, color palette and direction for SS11 [above]. Their assignment was to draw inspiration from the master concept, color and direction to develop their own concept vision for the theme.

The Buffalo Loves Cotton print fabric design, graphics and fashion garment designs are directly inspired from the individual concept boards that students developed for the project. The concept boards incorporated visual inspirations from the history of cotton, to the cotton plant and fiber itself as well tools used to create spun cotton yarn.  Visuals about cotton were integrated and mashed with images depicting the history of Buffalo, New York. Imagery of the buffalo bison, the Pan American Exposition, the Buffalo waterfront  and WNY buildings that reflect the architectural history of the city were all used to inspire the designs created by the students.

Students in  the Adobe Print Design for Industry developed a concept board, color board, print concept board, six manufacturer ready  print designs [w/3 colorways each and end product]  and some graphic tee designs. Students in the FashionCAD class each developed a concept board, color board, print concept board, three fashion garment styles and technical specs.  Garment patterns will be developed  constructed by other classes using original print designs from the students.

Voting will take place for the top Buffalo Loves Cotton print designs: Buffalo Loves Cotton Print Design Voting as well as the top tee design: Buffalo Loves Cotton T-Shirt Graphic Contest.

The project director for the Buffalo Loves Cotton project is Professor Lynn Boorady. It is sponsored by Cotton Incorporated.

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