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Module Seven: How Clothes are Made in Second Life: PRIMS

You may have noticed that the hair and shoes and other items you create using the APPEARANCE menu are not as visually appealing as many of the fashions you see in Second Life. This is because many fashion outfits are enhanced by belts, accessories, scarves, ties, handbags, flexiskirts, etc that are created from PRIMS. PRIMS are the basic 3D building tools in Second Life. If you like making clothing – you need to learn for to build. An excellent place to learn how to build at your own pace is the Ivory Tower of Prims in SL.

Here is a video Tour of the Ivory Tower of Prims by Torley Linden: Learn building at the Ivory Tower of Primitives

Below is a short video I made that will demonstrate how PRIM hair is different from the hair that you can create in the APPEARANCE menu: APPEARANCE and PRIM Hair. Before you wear PRIM hair you should make yourself a bald head hair base in APPEARANCE and wear this under your PRIM hair.

You can use the BUILD tool to create simple prims that will enhance your garments in SECOND LIFE. Below is another video tutorial that will demonstrate how to Create Simple Prims to Enhance Garments in SL


With regards to flexiskirts - you may be wondering, what makes the skirt panels move when your avatar walks? In the EDIT menu under the FEATURES tab the FLEXIBLE PATH field is checked, that makes a prim flexible-there are various adjustments there to fine tune the amount of flexibility you want on the panel. You set the proprieties of the skirt panel before you make it into a flexiskirt.


Now more about flexiskirts – they are made from multiple panels of PRIMS but it would be an exercise in torture to try to make flexiskirts without a SCRIPT. SCRIPTS are what make all things in SL interactive. You can automate PRIMS in SL by using scripts. If you notice things like HOVERTEXT – that is the text above items that you see in SL – this text is also created by using a SCRIPT. Sometimes you click on something in SL and a NOTECARD opens or a link to a WEBSITE opens or you sit on a chair or a poseball and your avatar assumes a pose or sitting position – these are created by dragging and dropping a script and sometimes an animation into a PRIM in SL.

The very basic flexiskirt script is free. Here is a link to Natalia Zelmanov’s Blog post titled, Day 97: Flexi Skirts Part 1 (Ged Larsen's LoopRez Script) which will provide you with excellent instructions on how to create your first flexi-skirt and there is a SURL link that will teleport you into the location SL where you can get the Loop REZ script for FREE in SL. [NOTE: you can also get it on the SLEXCHANGE for $L1]

I have some flexiskirt’s that I created with this script with open permissions for you available on the Buffalo State Island This is the SURL LINK . Once you complete Natalia’s basic Flexiskirt tutorial you can go to her part II post to learn how to set up the attachment set. It will adjust your flexi-skirt so that it will not melt through another PRIM when your avatar sits down. Day 433: Flexi Skirts Part 2 (Self-Adjustment with AttachmentSet)

Natalia Zelmanov’s blog has excellent detailed how-to instructions for building all kinds of clothing and textures in Second Life including prim hair shoes and jewelry, fur, satin, semi transparent textures, animations and poses. Here is the link to Natalia’s BUILD TUTORIAL INDEX.

Ged Larsen also has two other models of the Loop Rez for you to choose from. The first is the LoopRez Deluxe. Here is a link to the LoopRez Deluxe tutorial on his blog. In addition to purchasing the LoopRez in-world you can purchase it on the SLEXCHANGE. If you purchase something to use in-world here you pay at the SLEXCHANGE and it will automatically be delivered to you in world. Here is a link to the LoopRez Deluxe Personal Edition v0.81 [L$220] from the SLEXCHANGE but keep in mind you CANNOT SELL THESE FLEXISKIRTS IN SL that is why it is called the “personal edition.” The Permissions are : LoopRez Object: COPY [that means for you only] / NO MOD / NO TRANSFER ... Skirts: COPY [that means for yourself] / MOD [that means for yourself] / NO TRANSFER

Here is a YOUTUBE Video to show you how Ged Larson’s LoopREZ Deluxe works.



If you want to purchase a flexiskirt LoopREZ so that you can create and sell the flexiskirts you create you need to purchase the LoopRez Deluxe Commercial Edition v0.81[L$2200] It is the same as the LoopREZ Deluxe but the permissions are set so that the skirts you create can be copied, modified and transferred.


Identify and Organize Clothing Files in Inventory in SL
Identify and Organize Clothing Files in Inventory in SL. Try clothing on and delete what you do not want to keep. organize what you do want to keep in folder you create.


File Organization and Setting Permissions in Second Life

File Organization and Setting Permissions in SL for your fashion Garments. For this project we are opening all permissions and giving the clothing away for free. You can adjust these permission settings if you want charge for the clothing you make for SL.


  1. Create some some PRIMS that will add to the "Total Look" of your fashion outfit. [ex:cuffs, collar, belt, hat, etc.]
  2. Copy one of the FLEXI-SKIRTS you already have and set it up to enhance an outfit you created. You can make a copy of the FLEXI-SKIRT Box that is located on the BSC island with open permissions.
Module Eight - Fashion Collection Presentation Package

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